Good news for the grounded 737 MAX at last

good news for 737

Boeing on Monday said it anticipated U.S. regulators to approve the return to commercial use of its grounded 737 MAX jet in the coming months. Its shares jumped as investors grew more optimistic that the planemaker had addressed software issues at the heart of two fatal crashes.

Boeing said it expected that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (or the FAA for short), to issue an order approving the plane’s return to service in the following month, but added it currently expected commercial service to resume in January. Boeing shares rose 5 per cent on the business’s outlook.

As recently as a week, Boeing said it anticipated flights could resume at the end of December. On Monday, the company said it was possible that resumption of MAX deliveries to airline customers could start in December but said obtaining approval for training changes would require more time.

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said Friday they had been pushing back the resumption of 737 MAX flights before early March. Many airlines have said they’ll require at least a month to finish installing and training revised applications before flights may resume.

The FAA said in the past it would require 30 days from the time of the certification flight before it may unground the aeroplane and flights could resume.