Avoid These Teeth Whitening Mistakes!

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To get the beautiful, dazzling smile you’ve always dreamed of, avoid these four common teeth whitening mistakes. The best way to avoid all these common mistakes is to have professional teeth whitening done by a dentist. Your dentist can provide you with a whitening toothpaste that can be used regularly to brighten your smile, but restoring your original whiteness will require repeat treatments from time to time. The same goes for over-the-counter toothpaste and whitening strips, which can cause tooth and gum pain and sensitivity due to overuse.

To reduce sensitivity, also try toothpaste and mouthwash specifically for sensitive teeth. You should also ask your dentist for a home whitening kit that can be used to colour your teeth. If your dentist near Granville, Ohio offers at-home teeth whitening kits, you can be sure that your custom mouth guards are the perfect fit for your teeth. Unfortunately, the whitening trays sold in stores and online tend to be generic, which can make teeth whitening dangerous and unpredictable.

Kits that use whitening gels and whitening mouth guards may give better results, but an all-purpose mouthguard may result in uneven whitening. Cheap whitening strips also tend not to whiten interdental spaces as well as professional whitening trays. This is because the whitening product must be able to penetrate deep into the tooth enamel in order to reach any stains. Months or years after whitening, teeth may become stained again due to eating or eating certain foods.

For example, if you have discoloured teeth due to cavities, the whitening process may not lighten the damaged teeth. Teeth whitening can change your appearance and shed years off your age, but if something goes wrong, you can damage your teeth and your smile may look worse than ever. Some mistakenly believe that whitening is the only way to whiten teeth. When they finish the whitening process, their natural teeth become whiter, but their false teeth remain dark.

Just like some people whiten their teeth too often, others don’t realize they need follow-up sessions to help keep their teeth white. In most cases, ignore them completely and leave these whitening gels and strips on for longer periods of time in hopes of achieving a brighter smile.

Most people make some of these mistakes, which can be harmful and make the whitening process ineffective. In the pursuit of whiter teeth, it is easy to fall into bad whitening habits that do more harm than good. Your teeth are an integral part of your health, and some whitening solutions — and common mistakes when shopping for teeth whitening products — can damage your pearly whiteness and put you back in the dentist’s chair.

Leave it to the professionals at Lake Oconee Dental who can successfully whiten your teeth in the office. If your dentist does not whiten your teeth, you can always contact one of our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Adelaide. The best way to ensure safe whitening is to speak with our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr Jorge Paez before you begin.

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Based on your medical history, your dentist may prescribe internal bleaching (performed legally by a dentist) to whiten your teeth if you have already had root canal treatment. If you have had root canal treatment in the past, these teeth can only be whitened by a dentist with internal bleaching.

If you don’t have dentures but know you need implants, crowns, bridges, or other synthetic teeth, ask your dentist if they can whiten your smile before getting dentures. Keep in mind that after oral whitening, your artificial teeth will most likely be a different colour than your natural teeth. Maximize the effect of whitening agents on nail polish by brushing and flossing, or by having your teeth professionally cleaned first.

To keep your teeth bright for as long as possible, you should drink coloured beverages through a straw, use whitening toothpaste, and avoid smoking. For example, you should avoid carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and acidic drinks for a few hours after teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening results won’t last forever, but you can prolong them by using a whitening toothpaste every day and avoiding foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth, such as red wine, coffee, and berries. Avoiding stains such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco can help keep your teeth white so you may not need whitening at all. You can see even more tips for whitening your teeth at home using household products like hydrogen peroxide or even bleach.

Cosmetic dentists use Life-Likes professional whitening kits in their practice and offer home whitening kits. Professional teeth whitening performed by a dentist is faster, safer, and may provide better results than home treatments, or your dentist can provide you with custom whitening kits to take home. Most people prefer to use whitening toothpaste, as well as kits and trays because they allow you to perform the procedure in the privacy of your own home.

The dangers may be greater if you try home remedies using everyday products that are not meant to be used on teeth. Try natural bleaches: If the thought of chemicals puts you off, you might be tempted to try natural bleaches, which may not work at all and may even harm your teeth.

Adding more whitening gel or wearing aligners for longer than recommended may seem like shortcuts to quick whitening, but prolonged exposure can stain or even damage your teeth or gums. It is best to consult a professional for a whitening bath; this will avoid the unpleasant consequences of using an inappropriate tray. Tartar, plaque, cavities, or other food debris trapped between your teeth can prevent your whitener from working evenly.

Your dentist can offer you alternatives, such as new fillings, white crowns, or new restorations to match the colour of your new teeth with the colour of your other teeth. Avoid these mistakes made by your Sugarland dentist if you want to enjoy a brighter white smile longer.