Standing Out In An Internship

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We have hit internship season once again. Many studying in universities are keen to take on student internships, which means they are about to take on the tumultuous journey where they will gain experience and new life skills, putting in blood sweat and tears into a professional environment. Becoming an intern means you’re one step closer to a great career, and it means you will also have the chance to build up your resume and to network with real professionals, all of which can help to land your dream job.

So many have the same intentions as you, so here are a few ways that you can stand out from the crowd to your potential full-time employers:

Do your homework

You want to ensure that you have researched the company before you have your first meeting with them. You will want to go over the information again the day before your interview to make sure that you have their values fresh in your memory. Learn about the company’s culture and history. You want to feel confident, going into your interview, and having a general understanding of the industry and where the company you’re interviewing for sits specifically within the industry can help with this. If the interviewer asks a question, you will impress them by providing a tailored answer suiting their company style. Did you know you can even set-up a Google alert that will notify you of any new press for that company?

Dress for success

It is essential to dress for the position that you want, not the one that you already have. Ask the hiring manager what environment you are working in and then set the dress code from there. You can’t lose by overdressing. It is better to be overdressed than to be too casual. Imagine you’re getting the best internship in Australia and dress for that occasion. Employers want to see your enthusiasm for their company from your actions to your appearance.

An internship needs to be treated like a real job.

If you want to be taken seriously, then you need to take the job seriously. You aim to get the most out of the internship and regardless of the pay. Interns need to treat their internship, just like it was a real job. How you work will have an impact on whether the company give you a good review or even consider taking you on for full or part-time work.

Time to practice time management

Interns have plenty to do, so you need to keep organized. Try not to take on too much. If you cannot get something done by the deadline, then explain that to the manager as soon as possible, so they have time to reassign. Being upfront and honest is an important quality in a professional environment, especially if you’re looking to work in big companies like Google or Facebook.


proud female student intern

If you have been treating your internship like a real job, then you need to take the time to get to know the staff around you. Get to know other interns there and your superiors. Remember to behave in a friendly fashion when you are socializing and don’t overshare personal information.

Ask questions

Don’t be scared to ask questions and go outside your comfort zone now and again. Asking questions shows that you are willing and wanting to learn and have an interest in the company.

Be flexible

Organizations and people have different communication and thinking styles for doing things. Try and be adaptive, which can help broaden your opportunities significantly.

Request feedback

Being an intern means you may not get a formal review until the internship has finished. It is quite important to ask for feedback often, as this will show your employer that you are willing to make the changes needed to be more successful.
Feedback will help you to uncover your strengths and learn what you need to improve on.