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Why listen to your favourite music or radio station in only one room of your home or office? Why put-up with laying unsightly speaker wires around your room?

With the collection of Wire Free AV wireless speaker systems you can unleash the power of flexibility! Our products are the ultimate answer to music-listening freedom, enabling you to listen to your favourite music throughout the home or office – no wires required!

Our wireless speakers pick-up the signals from your TV, satellite decoder, CD player, PC, laptop, mp3 player, smartphone or any device with suitable connections using the transmitter we supply.

Then, the transmitter simply plugs into the headphone socket of your audio gadget and you’re all set! Even those with no technical experience will find this as easy as 1-2-3! Want to take your love of music outdoors? View all garden speakers for your outdoor space and adventure days out.

View all wireless speaker systems below and shop online for FREE delivery when you spend over £100.

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