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Welcome to WireFreeAV.co.uk, the UK home of all things wireless for Audio and Visual Entertainment.

Aside from a fantastic collection of wireless speakers, we stock portable Bluetooth speakers for picnics in the park, wireless speaker systems for placing around your home and splash-proof garden speakers for the great outdoors!

Wire-free speakers are the perfect way to play your favourite music in your home, office or even the garden without the hassle of wires!

View all wifi speakers using the categories on the left and don't forget we offer FREE UK delivery on all orders over £100!

Why decide to buy wireless speakers?

The best wireless Speakers on the market can provide the ultimate in music listening freedom, as they give you the ability to hear your favourite music tracks, TV channels and radio stations from anywhere - be this in the home, office or even when out in the garden!

These clever devices work by picking up invisible radio signals sent from your CD player, computer, iPod, TV - or any other audio device for that matter - by using a transmitter (supplied within the package). The transmitter simply plugs into the headphone or phono sockets of these audio devices. These wireless speakers are simple to set up, even for those with little or no technical expertise.

Wireless speakers are typically used to amplify the sound output on a radio or MP3 player, while they are also able to transform regular television viewing into an impressive home cinema experience. With wireless PC speakers, the music collection stored on a computer can now be relayed through multiple rooms around the home. In the world of business, they are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide cable-free sound for those delivering office presentations.

Long distances are no longer a challenge either, as many of the wireless outdoor speakers you can buy here at Wire Free AV can operate at up to 100 metres (approx. 300 feet) from the transmitter in open areas. This is in addition to the ability to transmit at distances of up to 30 metres (approx. 90 feet) between rooms in a standard building.

Now you aren't limited to placing your speakers according to how far the cable will stretch, but can position them at opposite ends of the room, stand them on a desk or table, take them outside in the garden - or even hide them altogether, if you take minimalism to the extreme.

When it comes to the quality of our products, don't just take our word for it, be sure to check out any wireless speakers review to gauge the satisfaction levels of our customers.

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